Born Again Blonde Chapter 2 Toning

Once the bleaching is completed and you are thinking Toners this is what you need to know.

The hair needs to be restructured with a  low PH protein, this will make the toner last longer and create an even finish.

Just think of the skeleton structure of your body without this we couldn't stand straight .The hair needs bone structure as well in order to accept and retain color/toner evenly.

Generally the roots of the hair tend to be healthier whereas  the ends have  less structure.  A  treatment will even out the hair structure preparing it and guaranteeing an even long lasting toner.

If the ends of the hair end up looking to grey, ash flat or even black as in a color, this tells you there is only structure on the outside perimeter of the hair's shaft is void inside all the pigment will gravitate and concentrates to the outside surface with a matt appearance.(SEE image #3)

Take a look at Hitchcock's  film VERTIGO (1958) a good example of Platinum blonde hair on Kim Novak where it tends to look matt grey without shine. Today with the technological advancements in hair products this can be easily avoided.

Last Word Get the structure right and you'll get the color right.


BIG difference between GOOD and GREAT Blondes.





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