COLD WEATHER and your HAIR, when the temperature drops from + fahrenheit to - fahrenheit

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COLD WEATHER and your HAIR: when the temperature drops from + fahrenheit to - fahrenheit.

What you need to know when the temperature drops; what changes do I need to make in my hair routine. 

Colder weather will have you using your hair dryer more often.

When using a hair dryer routinely look for signs of overheating. This can be as simple as checking the filter on the back of your hair dryer for lint, this chokes the motor causing it to overheat and in some cases smoke or even worse catch on fire!

We are often unaware of the signs of heat damage of hair until its too late, hair looks dull, seems lifeless, staticky and you may even experience breakage. The most common problem is dehydration in the Winter, usually your hair looks good for about an hour after drying and then it droops that's the sign of dehydration. To solve this look at products that focus on anti Humidity as the repel atmospheric moisture but also have anti dehydration properties, in other words they lock in Moisture, preventing droopy hair.

Be aware of the amount of heat using when styling. You can adjust most hair dryers to allow for more airflow and less damaging heat, then you are not overheating/burning your hair.

Now take a look at your brush maybe your style has changed so you may need to purchase a new one or just check to make certain there are no broken bristles.

Its also time to review the shampoo and conditioner you are using.  What you used in the warmer weather when there may have been more humidity will not give you the same results today. Its time to look at a gentler shampoo with  hydrating properties this works well on finer hair as it will not add weight or make the hair limp. If you have drier coarser hair a shampoo with Moisturizing properties will make the hair more manageable and less flyaway.

Conditioning, put away those leave-in conditioners as they are only surface acting and you may be dealing with flyway's. The packaging should state hydrating and for FINE hair as these conditioners tend to have less weight leaving you with some body /volume not weighing your hair down. This is also ideal for those with fine soft curls.

 Those with drier hair should look for conditioners that say Moisturizing or with oils which will give you the needed moisture. When you correctly moisturize your hair   it should also feel soft, flexible and appear shiny. Curlier thick hair will also benefit from moisturizing conditioners.

A weekly treatment  during this season for Fine hair you may be dealing with dehydration or damage in which case a re-constructor works extremely well. This will have both hydrating properties and will also strengthen your hair, adding strength adds Body/Volume. If you have Fine hair you will love this. This also applies for fine curly hair.

Thicker drier coarser hair will benefit from a treatment high in moisturizing ingredients, to achieve softening , flexibility and shine! Those with thicker curly hair can follow this course of action as well.

Generally it's cold and dry outside and hot and dry inside, so lets get started.


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