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Today more chemical services are being performed than ever before on hair. We also know Excessive heat damages hair, therefore adding a chemical service compounds the damage. Making hair limp, lifeless, dull, prone to breakage and patchy color. Plus, it’s difficult to style this type of hair. Excessive heat damage is low on the radar when it comes to hair styling brushes.

Using very hot dryers on most brushes will compound the heat resulting in breakage both to the surface and internal structure of the hair which will affect manageability, shine, and accelerate color loss.  It may cause bubbling in the roots which affects the structure and growth of the hair.

Blow dry styling can be a daily activity and therefore maybe damaging, but does it have to be that way?  Most hair styling brushes today are designed to retain heat, amplifying the heat damage. A HOTHEADS® styling brush was developed with its design and functions to help moderate Heat and Hot Spots from a hairdryer.

Here are 3 design features of a HOTHEADS® styling brush that can help with a preventative approach to styling.

A HOTHEADS styling brush does not have a metal barrel as they tend to amplify, retain heat and its damaging effects.

#1 CAPTIVE ENDS® reduce drying time by Compressing and Focusing the Heat and Air Flow. This enhances the Coanda Effect. This feature will help DRY FASTER and require LESS HEAT helping reduce heat damage. CAPTIVE ENDS® will also reduce Frizz as the hair is controlled to move in one direction. *please view link the Coanda Effect.

#2 - 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® a mix of 3 types of bristles, Natural black boar for adjusting tension, Natural white boar for shine and a flexible Nylon for penetration. This allows the hair to sit on a cushion of bristles, PREVENTING direct contact with a HOT barrel surface, allowing the Heat and Air flow under and over the hair section helping to reduce Heat Damage and Dry Faster.

#3 – Thermal Conductive Technology™ a barrel coating patented formula, Moderates Heat and Hot Spots from the dryer Reducing excessive heat damage to hair.

This allows a HOTHEADS® styling brush to Cool 30% faster than other styling brushes, reducing your drying time and heat damage.

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The Coanda Effect

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