Controlled Damage / Physically Fit Hair Revised Feb 6th

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                           Controlled Damage for Physically Fit Hair (Revised)


CONTROLLED DAMAGE / PHYSICALLY FIT HAIR is when you have a balance in the hair combining healthy, everyday wear and tear and or heat damaged hair.  The goal is to have an overall condition of the hair which allows you to style with ease and still having the natural shine, and strength enough to hold your style for more than an hour.

Fine healthy hair tends to hang, straight, flat and loses its shape quickly when styled. To help make this hair type Physically Fit use a deep cleansing shampoo that removes product buildup including silicones. This helps create a slight texture to the hair surface allowing you more control while styling.

A second approach for this hair type is to add very fine highlights or lowlights using color or bleach creating overall texture to the hair. It’s now Physically Fit for styling having what we refer to as Controlled Damage.

Medium hair types with a mix of natural and grey combined textures, can be unruly having two conflicting textures in the hair. This type requires an overall blending of the two textures and can be achieved by simply coloring the hair. Color will add a slight texture to the natural hair and will slightly soften the grey kinky hair giving you a balanced overall texture. The hair is now Physically Fit for styling adding shine, control, reduced frizz and ease of styling.

Thick unruly frizzy hair is usually worn long to help control the volume and frizz though sometimes the hair is out of disproportionate.  Coloring, relaxing and straightening treatments are effective on this hair type. Those with this hair type often overuse silicones and products that may build up on the hair and reduce the shine, flexibility and overall health and appearance of the hair and scalp. Many use flat/straightening irons and hot brushes which if overused may result in lifeless hair. It may be too late at this point. Detox using a deep cleansing shampoo followed by a reparative mask treatment will help get you back on track. Reducing excessive heat is one of your most important strategies.

We at HOTHEADS® hairbrushes say “PREVENTION is the BEST PROTECTION™.”

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