Prevent heat damage Reduce your drying time in half


The most common way today to speed up drying time is created by styling products using alcohol and chemicals which will also dry your hair and dehydrate the internal moisture damaging your hair.

The patented design of our SPEED BRUSH Captures more Air Flow from your hair dryer controlling ,concentrating and wrapping the airflow around the barrel of the brush. Faster and Hotter air flow means less drying time to achieve your style.

Some suggest that a vented style brush speeds up drying time but this concept does NOT work. Air cannot pass through a wet damp section of hair through small holes through a barrel and out the other side. By controlling and concentrating the Heat and Air from a dryer means there is NO wasted Air or Heat and if the hair section is elevated above the barrel both will be more effective for blow-drying. As well you will resist any excessive heat from burning the hair.

This approach helps prevent frizz and adds shine. drying the hair faster helps prevent heat damage leaving your hair looking healthier. 

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