DESIGNING a hairbrush BRISTLE PATTERN January 2023

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Designing a hairbrush BRISTLE PATTERN

January 2023 Revised 

Designing a hairbrush BRISTLE PATTERN that helps give you healthier, shinier hair.



 Creating a bristle pattern which offers you frizz free, fuller, smoother, shiner hair when blow-drying. It will improve your knowledge, skills, and blow-drying performance. Feel more confident about your blow-dry and your hair.                                           

 Designing a bristle pattern for a brush should have the basic characteristics built into the bristles. This includes the bristle combination, individual shape of the tufts, density, and curvature to the rows. Here are the most important characteristics to look for and why.

Natural boar bristles adjust the tensions while smoothing and or volumizing. Other characteristics include helping reduce breakage, absorbing natural oils to be distributed throughout the hair shaft, reducing static, plus being gentler on the scalp. Not all boar bristles are created equal, too short they will not grip the hair, too long they may tangle, this depends on the length and thickness of your hair. If your hair is thick and short flat bristle tufts will not grip or penetrate well making it a struggle to blow-dry. When the tufts of bristles are spread apart the hair will fall into the bristles easily improving your blow-drying experience. When hair is fine the tuft density should not be too sparse or too dense your hair should slide into the bristles easily. Thick unruly hair requires firmer bristles and nylon bristles may be added to improve the firmness but, check the ends of the nylon bristle tips they should be domed or rounded to prevent scratching of hair and scalp.

Natural white boar is a softer bristle than the black and adds more shine as it polishes the cuticle. Smoothing the cuticle protects the internal structure of the hair.

Are the rows of bristles straight or twisted? Straight rows are fine for smoothing but when they are twisted you can easily achieve a smooth finish or increase volume and body while blow-drying. Twisted rows of bristles will give you more control and grip.

How important is grip? If a brush can grip the hair easily it means you will use LESS EFFORT when adjusting the tensions while smoothing and volumizing. Isn’t it smarter to use LESS effort than MORE?

A HOTHEADS® hairbrush whether a styling or paddle brush has the  3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ incorporating natural black and white boar plus a flexible ball tipped nylon bristle creating a bristle combination that gives you ease of use and a pro like finish when styling.




Image of a flat straight rowed bristle brush and a staggered bristle brush with a nylon mix.

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