Do you ask WHY is my hair dryer burning me?

If your hair dryer feels TOO HOT, this is a sign

If your hair dryer SHUTS OFF in the middle of your blow dry, this is a sign

If your hair dryer is SMOKING, this is a sign

If your hair dryer SMELLS like BURNED HAIR, this is a sign

The most important function of a hair dryer is to take air from the back, heat the air over a heating coil then force it out the front with or without a nozzle.

Look at the back of your hair dryer is it clogged with dust, lint and debris, we say the dryer is choked, the air flow is reduced it gets hotter and hotter then just before it blows up it shuts off.


No need for the hospital just remove the round disc ( DUST CAP) from the back end, run tap water through the screen backwards to remove all the lint, dust and debris from the screen.

Then towel dry before replacing it and you should be good to go.

Or use a soft bristle brush to remove all the debris dry and replace.

Over the years I have always said to clients," if I placed a plastic bag over your head you would heat up and shut off too".

Clean it once a month for years of faithful service

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