Controlled Air Flow HAIR BRUSH Prevent heat damage Reduce your drying time in half




                               What does this new concept nozzle do?

Answer: This nozzle is designed to focus air flow and speed up drying time.

This suggests that traditional nozzles do not control air flow as well as one might think.

Let’s look at the hair dryer. They have increased Air Flow and temperatures up to 450 C, which I would ask you, to boil water is 100 Celsius so what are you doing to your hair at those extreme temperatures are we drying or frying your hair?

We would suggest that by developing a new nozzle of this type you only compound the damage to the hair and definitely burn the hair brush bristles used while styling. If your brush bristles are burnt this should be an indication that your Hair dryer is TOO HOT.

We do agree that controlling air flow is the only REAL NEW CONCEPT that will speed drying time, reduce damage and improve the quality of hair.

We believe controlling air flow should be applied to the hair brush and not the dryer.

By redesigning the round brush and adding CAPTIVE ENDS® which could be referred to as CONCENTRATORS to the ends of the brush. This concept directs and controls AIR FLOW from the dryer as it engages the brush. Just as a nozzle on your hair dryer supposedly controls and focuses air flow.


Not only does this shape capture the Air Flow but also creates a backflow which wraps the air around the barrel of the brush simply enlarging the surface where both air flow and heat contact the brush surface.   Speeding up drying time.




We noticed less heat from the hair dryer was needed which improved the hair condition overall, LESS HEAT LESS DAMAGE


These CAPTIVE ENDS® (CONCENTRATORS) dramatically reduced the problem of tangling on the ends and handle of the brush.


The CONCENTRATORS control the width of section size but are able to handle thicker section sizes, so a larger barrel size may not be necessary for the job.


BALANCE is essential in preventing Carpal tunnel syndrome, the inside CONCENTRATOR allows you to hold the brush closer to the middle BALANCE POINT which reduces fatigue dramatically.




REVIEWS of HOTHEADS® Hair brushes June 2018








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