FREAKY FRIZZY hair season begins

Controlled Air Flow Smoothing Brush

You can't change the summer environment, BUT you can manage the frizz in your hair. We all navigate from dry cold AC inside to hot humid outside many times a day.

This plays havoc with your hair.

How to  control it.

Shampoos and conditioners should focus on protecting the hair from the summer environment for example Sun, Chlorine and Wind damage.

Styling products that focus on Anti humidity and Anti dehydration create a barrier resisting atmospheric moisture, great if they have a sunscreen too.

Styling brushes come in all shapes and sizes.


The ultimate smoothing brush, The ENFORCER/ Mr. SMOOTHY is unrivaled in it's ability, straightens the unruliest of hair with ease penetrates the thickest of hair for maximum control without scalp irritation.

Featuring a shaped double pinned nylon bristle with a domed tip for maximum control when smoothing, controlling volume with strength and tension.

This V shape nylon bristle when used with a light pressure on the brush allows the hair to slide easily through, by adding more pressure will increase the tension increasing the smoothing abilities for thicker difficult hair.

The Boar tufts are designed with a Reversed V Shape allowing the boar bristles to penetrate the hair section, easily This engages more bristles giving the hair a smoother finish.

3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ allow the hair to float on a cushion of bristles, preventing contact with a hot brush barrel reducing heat damage.

Natural light Boar is designed to create unrivaled shine to each hair surface.

Patented CAPTIVE ENDS® focus the dry's AIR FLOW in one direction reducing frizz and decreasing drying time.

THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™  is designed to heat up in 18 seconds and cooling fast for SMOOTHER longer lasting finishes.


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