Healthy Hair with PRO like FINISH ( updated) OCT 2021

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  Healthy Hair with PRO like FINISH  OCT 2021


How much heat is too much, it’s not just your hairdryer it may be your brush that’s damaging your hair as well.

Consider your hairdryer for a moment as many have HOT SPOTS which are points that are excessively hot in the airflow from the nozzle. This can result in spot damage to the hair shaft, resulting in dry brittle areas on the cuticle and may fracture from simply brushing your hair.

Image of a Metal Barrel Brush

White COOL Zone /  Black HOT Zone , after 60 seconds

Testing dryers we have notice heat distribution from the nozzle showed varied degrees of temperatures, for example one side reached a temperature of 300f plus but the other side read 80f, knowing this how do you think this would effect your styling and hair.

You often read articles about hairdryers being TOO HOT and some styling brushes are designed to RETAIN HEAT, but they are rarely discussed together in causing heat damage to the hair structure.

When talking about brushes the most common type are described as aerators meaning metal barreled with nylon and or boar bristles. These were designed to be light weight and RETAIN HEAT within the barrel, speeding up drying time. This concept can spell disaster for the hair as it results in breakage, flyways, brittle, moisture loss and spot color fading.

Think about this for a moment, can air from the dryer really pass through both the damp / wet hair and the barrel of the brush without adding more heat to speed up drying time?





HOTHEADS Speed Brushes by both design and their functions which include Captive Ends™ reduce drying time compressing and channeling the Moderated HOT AIR FLOW over the section of hair and brush efficiently.

This feature prevents tangling on the ends while creating the perfect section length and reduces frizz resulting in healthier shinier more manageable hair.

The 3D Gentle Touch Bristle Pattern™ positions the hair to float on a cushion of bristles allowing the air from the dryer to flow over and below the hair preventing burning and scorching; as the hair does not have direct contact with the hot barrel of the brush.

The patented Thermal Conductive Technology™  moderates the heat to reach it’s top temperature. The cooling feature of this technology results in the ability to cool 30% faster with less heat damage to the hair while strengthening the style. 

HOTHEADS hair brush.

White COOL Zone / Black Hot Zone, after 60 seconds over all cooler

These designs and features in the HOTHEADS hairbrushes combine the heating and cooling an Intelligent Innovative approach giving you longer lasting damage free styling.


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