How to apply a Dry Shampoo and Why you need a MINI-G hairbrush

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How to apply a Dry-Shampoo

And why you need a MINI-G Hairbrush for this for your best results. GAME CHANGER!

There are many dry shampoos on the market, and they work differently on varying hair types some, may work better then others for you but, the one thing they all have in common whether a powder or a spray format is to READ the DIRECTIONS.  Dry shampoos may leave the hair oil free and feeling fresher but could also leave a film giving the hair a dull, dusty appearance.     

This is why using a quality hairbrush for this application and finish is so important.

A hairbrush with a combo of 3 types of bristles will give you desired results, here’s why. Bristle types, mix, and pattern are important to the performance of both the application and the finished results.  Having nylon bristles in a brush allows you to lift the hair at the roots in sections, so, you can evenly distribute the product where it’s needed most, usually at the roots.

Brush through to remove excess residue, boar bristles are the most effective for this purpose as they are textured and adsorbent to remove the excess powder. A soft white boar bristle is added for an extra level of shine to the hair.

Three is better than one or two bristle types for this dry shampooing application and finish.

Let us introduce you to the MINI-G which has double pinned nylon bristles with domed tips to allow you to lift each section with ease and control while applying your dry shampoo.

There are also thicker natural Black boar bristles which help to remove the oil absorbed powder.

These bristles have a firmer rigidity for even thicker hair types yet gentle enough for finer hair.

A soft natural White boar bristle which is more flexible aids in the extra removal while adding a natural shine to the finished hair.

 MINI-G is a compact size making it a great travel companion for all your hair care needs.


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