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Today everyone wants to save time and prevent heat damage while drying their hair. It seems most hair dryers focus on increasing the heat which is contrary to preventing heat damage.

Hair dryers have given a lot of attention to creating new features like ion generators, ceramics, tourmaline, better quality quieter and lighter weights. There has also been a focus on changing the motor position to reduce stress on the user’s arms and wrists helping to prevent Carpal Tunnel and other issues related to styling hair while blow-drying.

Styling brushes have also shown changes like heat resistant bristles, WHY? Can your hair handle more heat?  We don’t think so.  HOTHEADS® Hair Brushes believe both the hair dryers and the styling brushes will perform better if they were more compatible, by creating brush concepts that focus on the same principles as hair dryers.

Connecting the two together for Healthier Faster blow drying with less heat damage.

HOTHEADS® Hair brushes focus is to control the Heat and Air Flow from the dryer, using them more efficiently Reducing Drying time by compressing both, while bending around the styling brush. Our patented ENLARGED ENDS called CAPTIVE ENDS® compress both Heat and Air flow simply reducing the need for very high temperatures helping to reduce damage, while shortening drying time and COOLING 30% faster than brushes with metal. Saving time the SMART way.

Hair dryers are balanced to avoid tilting which fatigues shoulders, arms and wrists and may result in Carpal Tunnel. HOTHEADS® Hair brush CAPTIVE ENDS® Enlarged Ends add an extra position to hold the brush giving it Balance.  Think about a teeter totter with one child at one end, this doesn’t work due to an uneven balance, you need equal weight on both ends. This is achieved in the brush by creating a holding position on the inside Enlarged End simply moving the hand slightly forward you create a better balance, increasing maneuverability with ease.

Hair dryers use ceramics to emit Negative Ions breaking up water molecules to speed up drying time.  HOTHEADS® Hair Brushes have patented a concept focusing on both faster HEATING and more important faster COOLING for a stronger longer lasting style, with patented Thermal Conductive Technology®.


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