Kathy and her MAGIC wand HOTHEADS Speed Brush

Best Brush Better Balance Reduced Fatigue Healthy Hair Prevent heat damage Reduce your drying time in half SMOOTHEST STRONGEST HEALTHIEST HAIR

Kathy and her MAGIC WAND the HOTHEADS® SPEED BRUSH Giving your hair BODY, BOUNCE and VOLUME.

Here is one of our fans comment The speed brush is like my "MAGIC WAND" you can blow dry from wet to dry with one brush! Not only will you get fabulous results but you also reduce damage due to the combination of  our CAPTIVE ENDS ™  for EXTREME AIR flow control and THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™ to  REFRACT heat excelling the heating and cooling times.

Kathy says "Don't be afraid to try a smaller diameter brush on long hair with HOTHEADS hair brushes you get more control, no tangling and root lift for curling or smoothing".






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