Let's get BRUSHING it's good for your HAIR and SCALP

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              Let’s get brushing it’s good for your Hair and Scalp 

We keep our body in shape with exercise, but what about your hair and scalp, as they say, “use it or lose it” and that is very much the point when it comes to your hair and scalp. Brushing the hair is just like exercise and a well-designed brush is just as important as the equipment and method that we use when exercising. Therefore, we designed the Grooming Paddle PLUS with many intelligent abilities to give you the ultimate in improving your hair and scalp. Our cushioned pad is a narrow oval shape which has a higher center profile allowing easy penetration to massage the scalp, with narrower ends for that extra firmness. The bristle selection is 80% of the performance so we have 3 bristle types. A supple flexible nylon, perfect for detangling WET or DRY and massaging the scalp, a stiffer natural Black Boar designed for adjustable tensions and a natural White Boar for unrivaled shine. Why have just one type when both hair and scalp have different needs.  The Gentle Touch 3D Bristle Pattern™ covers all your needs and FEELS SO GOOD. One of the most missed features of paddle brushes is the BALANCE.  Poor balance causes fatigue and therefore you won’t brush as effectively. This brush is shaped to the curvature of your hand and is so comfortable to hold and easy to use. At the neck of the brush, you will notice the small indents “finger grooves” these are positioned to give your index finger and thumb the best balance making this brush the most comfortable of any paddle brush. Whether you’re detangling a child’s hair or brushing to enhance your hair. Here are a couple of tips, what you should know when detangling, many brush from the top roots to the ends, though this is not the best approach.  Hair damage is usually on the top layers which are fragile where it gets the most exposure from the environment and hot tools and causes more breakage.

Try this the next time, near the ends from UNDERNEATH, drop the hair onto the bristles about 2 inches from the ends while turning the brush outward, pull to the ends and continue this from underneath up to the top of the head for each section of hair.

You will find the bristles will only lightly catch the tip of the nylon bristles and GENTLY detangle without the OUCH and BREAKAGE. Next to improve micro circulation the blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the roots, ALWAYS brush with a slight rolling movement, brushing against the root growth direction if you want a REAL GOOD WORK OUT.



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