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BOAR BRISTLE and PORCUPINE BRISTLE brushes are for those who are looking for SHINY, HEALTHY, MANAGEABLE HAIR. The structure of a round boar brush has a core of wood or composite material used as the backbone with BOAR BRISTLE tufts inserted into either straight rows or cork screwed at various degrees of twist this helps create better SMOOTHNESS, VOLUME and SHINE.

If you’re looking for FASTER DRYING TIME, DON'T consider a brush with BOAR BRISTLES, as they tend to have a slower drying time due to the density of boar bristles, though they resist high temperatures, this helps preventing damage to hair. If you take the time, it’s worth the results, offering you that salon finish.

 What to look for in a round boar bristle brush for YOUR hair type. 

NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES come in different lengths, diameters, and stiffnesses, this is why some are more expensive than others.


 If the tuft of boar bristles are flat, dense, and straight they will give you less grip and less tension therefore are more suitable for fine or fragile hair.

 REVERSED V shape of tufts of boar bristles allow the hair to penetrate the brush more easily, giving you more grip and tension. This is more suitable for thicker coarser hair for easier styling options. 

PORCUPINE, what type of bristle is this? This description is used when a nylon bristle is added to the tuft of boar bristles when more control, penetration, and stiffness is required.

There are many configurations of straight and cork screwed bases to consider when choosing the right styling brush.

STRAIGHT ROWS of bristles are generally used for SMOOTHING hair.

CORKSCREW ROWS of BRISTLES are generally all purpose, as they create everything from mega volume to smoothing making this bristle pattern muti functional.

When winding the hair around a cork screwed configuration the hair becomes fuller increasing the volume.

BOAR BRISTLES do not melt like NYLON but may flatten when excessive heat and tension are applied when styling.

This can be easily rectified by washing your brush with a low PH shampoo and conditioner let the brush rest on a towel till dry the natural boar bristles should spring back to their original shape.

If your boar bristles look burnt this is an indication your hair dryer is TOO HOT, or the filter needs cleaning. This may also be caused by how you position your hair dryer nozzle when blow drying as this may result in spot burning. Pull back the nozzle from the brush, NEVER place the nozzle directly on the hair on a brush. SPOT BURNING may OCCURS and you’re NOT drying your hair you’re just choking the hair dryer making it HOTTER.

Both boar bristle and combination of bristles allow you to adjust the tensions for more manageable styling options. The results are superior with these types of brushes. Please Note: hair may tangle on the ends of a traditional BOAR BRISTLE brush so be careful to control the width of your sections.

For a truly new experience in blow drying with a 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® view.

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