Reviving the Tradition of Glamorous, Healthy Hair

Looking for Glossy Shiny Tangle Free hair?

Its easier than you thought its called BRUSHING your hair.

We brush our teeth to prevent decay, we exercise and stretch to keep the body flexible and strong we even try to eat cleaner for a healthier body and mind.

 When it comes down to our hair we shampoo and condition occasionally in between we use a dry shampoo possibly style it, have it cut and colored or another chemically service performed but brushing our hair seems to be a lost art.

Maybe it’s the type of hair brushes out there currently but let’s look at the benefits of brushing your hair.

First you should brush daily even just once a day will help. Not only does it remove and prevent nasty tangles or dreadlocks, but it also helps distribute natural oils from the scalp through the hair helps with dryness and static of the hair.

Brushing will remove debris and product buildup on the scalp and hair including dry skin on the scalp creating a healthier environment for both the hair follicle and root of the hair.

Finally brushing improves circulation /blood flow at the scalp and root of the hair which in fact feeds the bulb or root of the hair strand.

Resulting in Glossy, Healthier, Shiner hair!

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