SPEED drying means more then just drying fast.

S P E E D DRYING means more than just drying fast.

“S is for speed but how does a HOTHEADS brush speed up drying time?  Three elements are needed HEATING, COOLING and AIR FLOW. Simple enough, many talk about speeding up drying time, but no one offers a structural design explaining why and how their brush manages this feature.
At True Cool Technology Enterprises we designed a feature that controls the dryers’ Heating, Cooling and Air Flow between Captive Ends™, a Patented technology which compresses, captures and controls the Heating, Cooling and Airflow over the brush and hair. 


E E D                                                       


“P” is for Painless on the Hair, Head and Hand. HOTHEADS Speed brushes offer a Total Balance from one end to the other, (not just the handle) by offering more holding positions for tension free styling. The bristles are dipped and domed tipped therefore gentle on the Scalp and Hair.  






“E” is for Ease of Use, Speed brushes are designed to be easy to use. As we say “RELAX let the brush do the work”. A longer extended handle offers more options on where to hold as well as a better balance. Our Captive Ends™ prevent hair from tangling on the end of the brush or on the handle. Our GENTLE TOUCH 3D Bristle Pattern™ with 2 Natural Boar and Flexible nylon bristles, in combination with our unique bristle placement allows the hair to easily slide into the form offering total control and EASE of USE. 







“E” is for ERGONOMICS defined as” relating to or designed for Efficiency and Comfort”. Our design reduces fatigue in the hand, arm, wrist, and shoulder. It is not just about an ergonomic handle it’s about a total ergonomic brush focusing on the balance of the brush. A preventative approach addressing conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis.






“D” is for REDUCED DAMAGE when drying/styling. Where most brushes allow the hair to have direct contact with a hot metal surface, the HOTHEADS Speed brush allows the hair to float on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with a hot Metal barrel allowing heat and air to flow above and below the hair section. Testing has proven our Patented THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™ Moderates the heat, Heating Fast but, Cooling 30% faster resulting in LESS DAMAGE therefore helping REDUCE COLOR FADING.


SPEED an uncomplicated word with a great deal of meaning relating to a HOTHEADS SPEED brush.


















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