The right hair dryer

Choosing the right hair dryer will make your blow drying easier and less stressful.

Did you know some chefs use hair dryers for cooking chickens and wings to get that crispy finish which may be great for chicken but not for hair, scalp and your face.

What you need to know:

One interesting thing I came across is hair dryers can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, apparently when you turn on the dryer, the motor will cause a side  twisting to the wrist and over time create a stress which may lead to the problem. So if you are one who is concerned about preventative measures you may want to consider this.

 WEIGHT:  Is it too heavy or too light only you can make that call.

BALANCE: Usually that is determined by the length position and shape of the handle. Does it fit your hand comfortably? The main thing I have found is keeping your elbows down while blow-drying and this is easily done by having the clients head moved to a position to accommodate this holding position. 

AIR SPEED: 26 MPH - 70 MPH is the range. By the way clients relate more to this then the pressure measurements dryer manufacturers use.

How to judge air flow, turn on the dryer without heat and place your hand in front of the barrel move your hand closer and away from the barrel. try a couple of dryers you will soon get the idea what will work for you. You will also learn how far from the dryer you should hold the brush for efficient drying in other words NOT burning your hair.

Generally fine hair will need a slower air flow or you will lose control and flatten the hair. Thicker hair will need more air flow force to smoothen.

TEMPERATURE: Low end is around 150F and the high end is over 200F.

For fine fragile hair the lower temperature will work well as not to burn the fine hair and allow for more volume.

For thinker curly hair a higher temperature would be better to smoothen

BARREL SIZE: LARGER approx. 2" diameter this allows air to flow gently,

 good for diffusing hair.

MEDIUM: approx.1 1/2" diameter this allows for soft and forced air flows.

SMALL: approx. 1" diameter allows a focused and stronger air flow to smoothen  unruly hair.

NOZZEL: Is made for a reason to give you more control when styling.

You know if you like a nozzle or not. Note if you experience a lot of frizz when styling you may want to consider using it. 




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