3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ Best Brush bristle type is natural BLACK BOAR concave barrel curly unruly hair types Damage free hair frizz free HAIR BRUSH HOT BRUSH longer handle natural white boar shine Smoothing Brush smoothing hairbrush The EXTREME SMOOTHING BRUSH STORY Thicker hair types

                               The ENFORCER / Mr. SMOOTHY

              The ultimate smoothing hairbrush for damage free hair

This brush is designed for the difficult curly unruly hair types, with it’s              3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ giving it the resiliency needed for thicker hair types that need extra tension to be smoothened.

The type of nylon used in the bristle pattern is less flexible then in most brushes and is pinned to create a V shape which allows for extreme tension when needed. Melted doomed tips are gentler on the scalp not like the typical cut nylon bristles which could irritate, feel scratchy on the scalp and break the hair.

This V shaped pinning allows for the gentlest of tensions when used with a gentle touch as the hair will sit in the open end of the V shape. When pressure is then applied, the hair will slip down into the lower part of the V giving you extreme tension to a point where the bristles will grip when needed. This is extremely effective to set and cool areas like the roots where hair generally is healthier and more difficult to smoothen.

The melted tips on the bristles not only make this brush comfortable on the scalp but will capture the small short frizzy hairs to smoothen them in line with the longer strands, completely eliminating Frizz.

The second bristle type is a natural Black Boar which are firm but flexible and allow you to increase or decrease the tension while sliding the brush through the length of hair. Like the nylon but reversed V design start controlling and aligning the hair to a smoother straighter finish.

The natural White Boar bristle used is reversed V like the black boar design above and slightly more flexible but has a tighter cuticle which is ideal to polish the cuticle of the hair adding incredible SHINE.

 All three in combination work together to create this EXTREME smoothing brush.

The spacing and shape of the bristle pattern allows hair to easily fall into the bristles effortlessly improving tension on the section to be smoothed.

All this is applied to a concave barrel and in combination with our patented Captive Ends is the only design in the industry which controls, compresses and wraps the Heat and Air flow from a hairdryer. Preventing heat loss means less heat is needed to perform the same task of smoothing hair without heat damage.

It’s the COOLING that counts though many brush manufacturers seem to focus on heat but miss the point of the COOLING phase of styling, which truly sets the shape of hair. Most hair-dryers have a cool trigger but take too long to cool the hair.

Our patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ was developed to address both HEATING and COOLING together. The cycle of heating fast, everyone talks about, but few acknowledge the importance of the cooling stage.  Many brushes are designed to retain the heat and then take longer to cool, if they even cool at all.    

The ENFORCER / Mr. SMOOTHY has many other features which acknowledge a preventative approach to using round styling brushes.

Hand positioning, many stylists hold a brush in the thin area just below the barrel on the handle, but this is a cramped position for the fingers causing tension in the wrist.  *see image below #1

The longer Soft touch handle gives you more holding options, including the ability to use as a wrapping stick tool for setting curls.

The inside CAPTIVE ENDS® above the handle allows an optional holding position which allows the user to hold the brush with an opened hand allowing better balance for easier control less stress on the hand and wrist, improving handling. Including those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Image #2


  • See image #1

  * see image #2



Nothing really beats the versatility and creativity of a well-designed round smoothing brush.                    


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