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      What you may be missing when DETANGLING and CONDITIONING DAMAGED or THINNING hair


Detangling and conditioning damaged and thinning hair properly, you may think your doing an OK job but read this to find out what your missing.

Before wetting the hair. brush or comb through, this is very important as we know water makes the hair swell, if we wet our hair with knots/tangles they will tighten. Causing more stress on the roots and breakage through the hair shaft while shampooing and conditioning.

You will find you’ll need less product, shampoo, conditioner as well.

Now how to detangle we always suggest to our clients to start from the under side of the hair, you may ask WHY well you may have noticed that most of the tangles are concentrated near the top surface of the head usually about 1 inch from the part this mainly caused by exposure to the elements and harsh dryers or heat styling tools. The under side of the hair is usually protected and is in better condition resisting the tangling and knotting.

By combing/ brushing from the under side the bristles or comb teeth will penetrate through the hair and slightly protrude through the top section. Bristles have more flexibility at the ends and will give you a gentler detangling from the ends to the roots, this is well for children’s hair. “NO MORE TEARS”

We’ll suggest allowing the hair to drop onto the brush with its own weight (WET or DRY) then pull towards the ends moving up with each section until you reach the roots.  Try rotating the brush slightly towards you while working through the section.

Conditioning, the most under discussed and most important and misunderstood part of most hair care regimes today.

Conditioners do two things they are slightly acidic which creates a tightening of the cuticle and finish the hair with a fatty acid sealing the hair and has two main functions, one is to hold in moisture and create a smooth protective barrier and shiny finish.

Most people will rinse the shampoo then apply the conditioner and leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse and comb the hair. This is not effective if you have fine fragile or thinning hair it will only create tighter tangles using this method and possibly breakage.

Applying the conditioner with your hands and working through well will you fingers concentrating on the ends. Try not to apply to the roots as they tend to be in better condition and do not need any conditioning to weight them down or congest the follicles especially if you are THINNING or want VOLUME.

Then start to comb or brush as discussed before from the under side and from the ends up to the roots.  The conditioner will have a slippery effect aiding the detangling and tighten each strand separately. Leave on one to three minutes and rinse.


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