Better Balance Reduced Fatigue Less Fatigue

How often have you used a brush that's caused fatigue on your hand and arm or are you a victim of Carpal tunnel syndrome?


Your Styling Brush and Bristles do 70% of the work when blow drying , WHY NOT have a brush that offers more. 

Maybe you need BALANCE in your brush.

 The HOTHEADS® Speed Brush is designed for BETTER BALANCE . The patented CAPTIVE ENDS® allow you to hold the brush on the inner Captive End creating better balance and reduce Fatigue.

Now looking at the Grooming/Paddle Plus Brush in we created a better balance by C shaping an area for your forefinger and thumb which is just forward of where the paddle and handle join together this moves your hand closer to the pad giving this brush optimum balance. This allows easier handling for both grooming and blow drying. 

Pursue perfection in your blow dry. 

Balanced Positioning  makes it easier to use.


Notice: the "S" shape to the handle. no one has a flat hand so why would you have a flat handle on your brush?

The "S" shape conforms to your hand shape ,it's perfect for those who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis or Arthritis.

YES, we look different and we perform different.

Improving the quality of your hair.


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