Fight the Flake !

Is it Dandruff or Dry Scalp?

Colder climate conditions can trigger Dandruff or Dry Scalp.

Your scalp is an extension of your skin/face so treat it with kindness.

Dry/flaky scalp may be caused by a drier environment which makes the scalp more sensitive creating itching and flaking..

This may just require changing your shampoo,possibly look for one WITHOUT Sodium Lauryl Sulfates,a shampoo that states it's hydrating for both the hair and scalp will  be more effective this time of year. You can also look for shampoo that states,they exfoliate as well,though probably better to rotate with a hydrating shampoo.

You should also be aware the use of styling products may contact the scalp causing irritation this time of year,even though they worked well in the warmer weather.

Conditioners don't play as much a role for the scalp, unless again they state they hydrate both hair and scalp.It's the shampoo that will make the real difference on the scalp if its dry and itchy, and flaky.

A scalp treatment that is designed to treat a dry scalp can be very effective if it is used often especially if you have just started using it,then you can reduce usage as the dryness diminishes.

General Brushing the hair nightly can help if the brush is gentle on the scalp as it helps remove dead cells and environment debris which helps create a healthy environment for both hair and scalp.

Hairdryers can often be very hot as well and can irritate the scalp so try and reduce the heat used.

Using Hair Brushes that claim to retain heat can irritate the scalp.

Colder Weather can trigger a Bacteria or Fungus that causes Dandruff and Flakes which usually results in burning or itchiness on the Scalp.

A Healthy Scalp tends to be Greyish Beige but any signs of pinkish, redness, fakes or abrasions with itchiness could be a signs of bacteria and possibly Dandruff when accompanied by Oily Flakes.

There are numerous Dandruff shampoo's finding the one that works for you can be a bit of trial and error, unfortunately. Read the label carefully see if the actives and description fits your needs.

It is usual advised to start by using the shampoo more frequently and application to include lathering twice, once to remove debris and oils and the second for the actives in the shampoo to perform properly leaving this on for at least a minute or two. When the condition seems to be under control reduce usage to once a week or every other shampoo.

Conditioners, masks can still be used  but try to keep them off the scalp or rinse thoroughly after use.

One approach to help reduce flakes is simply brushing the scalp daily using a brush with both gentle bristles  and a flexible pad. This will help exfoliate the scalp gently which benefits both scalp and hair by removing debris dissolving oils that can build up.

This should become a nightly regime.

Colder weather doesn't last for ever but its better to be aware of certain conditions that effect the scalp and if they arise you can act fast.







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