Image courtesy of ExitOne solutions  Hair & Make Up :Aneta Kostrzewa  Products Used: TRUSS Professional  Photo: Piotr Porebski   

If you weren't born blonde it doesn't mean you can't become one, and maintain healthy hair as well.

I was in Sephora recently and when paying I mentioned to the platinum blonde with thick hair that she was fortunate to have this thick hair. She proceeded to tell me about her horrible experience with a blue shampoo that didn't wash out until she used detergent. I thought NOT GOOD consequently her hair is now EXTREMELY DRY.

This platinum blonde look, is exactly what was done in the 50's & 60's, hair was bleached to an inch of it's life! Today fortunately we have superior products to achieve this and to maintain, the QUALITY of HAIR after and during bleaching.

Healthy hair has an network of internal fibers, imagine a new screen undamaged with all the squares, to simplify the structure. A color molecule will settle into each square and you can have even gorgeous color.( Image#1) Below showing screen network.

Now lets damage the internal structure by coloring you now have breaks in the networking.

What happens is the color only adheres to the areas which have networking but now being damaged you get more porosity and less ability to hold color evenly. (Image#2).Damaged screen network

Lets bleach the hair in which case you lose more network screening ( Image #3). Severe network damage

What happens the bleach deteriorates more internal structure, making the hair more fragile and more difficult to hold colour & toners, so you MUST REPAIR on a continual basis when bleaching. We suggest BLEACH, REPAIR, BLEACH, REPAIR, etc. If you wish to continue being a PLATINUM BLONDE the maintenance is the key. This also makes the colorist's job more successful with repeat applications.

You have heard us talk about PHYSICALLY FIT HAIR well it's even more important when bleaching.


Image #1             Image#2               Image #3




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