How to take care of your Hair.

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Now that we are becoming aware of skinification of hair though keeping it simple can be challenging as often our best intentions to keep up a regime gets whittled away over time. “Less is Best” quite often says it all.

Dry Flaky Scalp? This condition calls for manipulation of the scalp and hair which EXFOLIATES both, and a quality hairbrush with the right type of bristles can perform this task well. This action helps with MICROCIRCULATION (blood flow) to the roots. Removing the dry flakes creates a healthier environment for scalp function. This will in time improve the quality and appearance of the hair.

Oily Scalp? This is usually a condition caused by overactive sebaceous glands, The most common causes are diet related excessive salt and sugar, hormonal or even inferior hair products that may coat the hair and scalp This can also affect areas of the face. Now we often hear over brushing can only make this worse …..but using a quality hair brush with natural boar bristles will help distribute the oil from the scalp throughout the hair, if your hair is extremely dry and brittle conditioning  the rest of the hair strands. Brushing, daily or nightly when it’s convenient is one way to help rebalance help rebalance this condition.

Dull looking hair? Again, using a quality hairbrush with natural boar bristles helps remove product buildup while distributing natural oils throughout the hair. The action of brushing will also help with microcirculation of the scalp and roots of the hair, as exercising does for our bodies. Also giving the hair, a healthier, glosser appearance over time.

 These are not quick fixes but should be incorporated into your daily routine. But remember it’s a simple task and the only cost is investing in a quality hairbrush.

Here is what we know about a quality hairbrush. It should have a bristle pattern that really makes a difference to its performance. A HOTHEADS® hairbrush by design features a 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® with a quality natural black boar, natural white boar and a flexible nylon.  Each with a specific function, a flexible nylon to detangle painlessly and manipulate the scalp more efficiently. The natural black boar helps with adjusting tension easily and the natural soft white boar polishes the strands of the hair for unrivalled shine. 

  The Grooming Paddle Plus by HOTHEADS® also gives you a flexible raised pad which helps massage the scalp more efficiently while brushing.

The Speed brushes for styling offer you all the above plus features that reduce and prevent heat styling damage which includes breakage, dullness, fizziness, and poor results when styling. Please view.



Since our lives tend to be on fast forward at least we can take this aspect of skinificatiion of the hair to a simpler approach.

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