AERATED vs BOAR BRUSHES ,What's the difference


Physical Characteristics of an Aerated round brush:

A brush with a Metal Cylinder inside a center wire with short nylon bristles cut flat protruding through holes and are scratchy on the scalp.

Extremely lightweight and if the nylon bristles are short and sparse this gives you little gripping action and very little tension unless you work very hard to achieve it. This usually results in wrist Fatigue and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Anti Static materials are added to the bristles but why are they needed?  Usually the Aerated brush needs excessive heat to function which causes more static and damage to the hair.

Performance when drying hair:

Often stated these brushes allow air to pass through the cylinder with holes faster, therefore drying hair faster. Think about it, when wet hair is wrapped around the barrel how can air from a dryer pass through the wet section of the hair and the holes of the cylinder and out the other side? This format Deflects Air in every direction causing frizz ,  is not efficient.


Cooling  Down

Cooling down this brush with a metal core and nylon bristles heats up fast as the core of the brush stays HOT but does not Cool fast and it's the Cooling that sets hair.


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Physical Characteristics of a  round Boar bristle brush:

A core of wood or a composite material used a s a base with Natural Boar in various patterns. Natural Boar bristles have various lengths and diameters and have a texture not unlike human hair. These types of bristles will give you Adjustable Tensions and add Shine to the hair. Various patterns in bristling will also give you different results. Boar bristles adjust for More Tension on thicker hair when needed and Gentle Tension on fine hair creating Mega Volume. Boar bristle brushes will give you a stronger style and Shine without Damage.

Performance when drying hair:

Generally, Boar bristles take more time to heat but is a Healthier Alternative to an all nylon bristle brush, with, Less Heat Damage to the hair. Boar bristles will absorb Natural Oils from the hair which are a Non Chemical Anti Static approach to blow-drying. Those of you who prefer Natural this is the Natural solution to Static. Boar bristle brushes Cool down faster as the Boar bristles Do Not hold Excessive Heat.

You get a longer lasting finish/style when using Boar with a healthier shinier finish to the hair.


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HOTHEADS® Hair Brushes created a PARADIGM SHIFT in their approach to blow-drying and styling experiences.

HOTHEADS® Hair Brushes are a HYBRID Technology which combines the speed of an Aerated brush with less damage and the Quality of Natural Boar Bristle.



HOTHEADS® Hair Brushes creates a paradigm shift in the styling experience






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