Q: What is Thermal Conductive Technology™?

                            Hair and Heat DAMAGE PREVENTION.

  What is Thermal Conductive Technology™ and how does it help prevent HEAT DAMAGE when blow-drying.

Unlike other brush coatings, like ceramics, tourmaline our patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ moderates extreme heat and hot spots from the hairdryer when styling, reducing and preventing Heat Damage to hair.

This technology with our CAPTIVE ENDS® ( Enlarged Ends)  compresses, directs towards the Centre of the brush , and controls the heat and airflow between the CAPTIVE ENDS®. Requiring less heat to dry the hair more efficiently with less heat damage.

Retaining heat on a brush does nothing to hold a style, since the hair stays hot and mailable, it’s the COOLING that sets hair.  A HOTHEADS® hairbrush cools 30% faster due to the Thermal Conductive Technology™ coating.   When removing hair from a brush that retains heat this alters the hair shape, finish and longevity.  

 The 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ allows the hair to sit on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with the HOT barrel surface preventing burning and scorching, allowing the air to flow above and beneath the section reducing drying time.

Thermal Conductive Technology™ is a coating with many benefits preventing HEAT DAMAGE to your hair when blow-drying. NEW TECHNOLOGY for HEALTHIER FEEL GOOD HAIR™


                                SPRING CLEANING

Has your hairbrush turned into a HAIR MONSTER?

How do I know when it’s time to clean my hairbrush?
How do you recommend cleaning your hairbrushes?
Great questions, this would apply to any brush of natural boar or boar mixed with nylon and natural boar bristles both paddle and round styling brushes.
Cleaning out any hair which may be tangled or matted in the bristles and brush. Using a tail comb slide the tail from one end to the other between the bristle rows lifting any hair embedded in the bristles. A pointed nail file will work best for denser amounts of hair it will catch and lift them out so you can then remove them more easily.
Wet the bristles with warm water and apply a hair shampoo and work it into the bristles well with your fingers along each row this will help remove any product built-up, silicones, and oils from the bristles and the brush pad. It may also help to work the bristles back to a straight position if they are bent or matted together from excessive heat when blow drying. If the brush is extremely dirty this should be repeated if necessary.
Use a low pH conditioner, apply to the natural bristles while working the tufts up and straight (possibly using a comb) to their original shape, leave on for a couple of minutes. This will help to straighten any bent bristles and help reduce static while blow drying. The acidity in the conditioner will tighten the bristles and help reshape them. A HOTHEADS® hairbrush has an anti static feature part of the Thermal Conductive Technology™ which is a patented coating on the barrel of the brush.
RINSE the conditioner off well with warm water while working the natural bristles back to their straight profile. If the bristles are still slightly bent or appear burnt use the tail comb to help straighten them gently blot dry with a towel. Allow to dry completely before use.
Your brush should now look, feel, and work like it was new again.

Q: How do you speed up drying time?

A: Those who blow dry rely on high temperatures from the dryer to dry hair fast. This  causes extreme damage to the hair structure, surface, color and internal structural bonds as well as blubbing in the roots. We designed our brush to incorporate 2 patented components that not only reduce drying time but protect the structure for stronger healthier hair. First our Captive Ends® on each end of the barrel Captures, Controls and Compresses the Heat and Air Flow. Less heat is needed to dry the hair efficiently. Secondly in combination with our Thermal Conductive Technology™ coating the barrel has the ability to moderate the heat reducing the need for extreme temperatures. Independent testing has shown our Technologies reduce the cooling time by 30% compared to brushes with metal barrels. and focuses on strengthening the set / style whether for Volume or Smoothing. Less overall Heat helps to reduce Color fading another positive point. 


Q:  It is not as good as you mentioned because it gets sticky in my hair. I cannot use it like a regular round brush.

A: Sorry to hear this, but if you give it another try keeping in mind using a lighter touch as our 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ has 3 different types of bristles one for penetration one for grip and one for shine and if you tend to use more grip or tension holding the brush this brush will really grip the hair so a LIGHTER TOUCH is all that is needed, Let the Brush do the the work. The reason for this is to reduce hand, wrist and shoulder fatigue when blow-drying.

Q: Why does a HOTHEADS® hair brush grip so differently from other styling brushes?

First preparing the hair is VERY important, view blog on PREPARING YOUR HAIR.


A: The 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ is designed to offer 3 features, Grip, Adjustable Tension and Shine.

When starting out using a HOTHEADS® Brush you need to be aware less effort is required.

While pulling through the section if you lift UP SLIGHTLY and turn towards you, you will create more tension by dropping the brush down with a SLIGHT turn away from you, you will experience less tension with more slip.

Adjustable tension when you need it!


A: Combination of traditional bristles of boar and porcupine for quality finishes

and THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™ for speed and efficiency.

Patented designed CAPTIVE ENDS® prevent tangling and FOCUSES AIR FLOW Moderates Heat and Hot Spots improving a hair-dryers performance with less effort.

CAPTIVE ENDS® offer a perfect balance making HOTHEADS® brushes the easiest hair brush to use.

This is a true HYBRID HAIR BRUSH


Q: Why does a regular heat styling brush tangle in my hair?

A: Simply poor design. Our Speed brushes have patented Captive Ends® helping prevent the hair from tangling on the ends of the brush…

Q: How does the Speed brush speed up drying time?

A: The Patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ on the brush actually Heats up FAST while moderating heat and Hot Spots but COOLS DOWN 30% faster to reduce heat damage and give you a longer lasting style. Ceramic and tourmaline based products retain the heat  but the Cooling is Most important that is featured on the Speed brushes saving time in a smart way..


Q: Your paddle/grooming brush has a hole in the cushion is there a bristle missing?

A: The hole is a vent. As you brush you hair the cushion pad follows the contour of your scalp. The hole is there to allow our air to slowly escape from the cushion. It is also there if you need to wash the brush so that water can easily escape, preventing problems from within.


Q: Why do you use pure boar bristles in all the brushes?

A: Natural boar bristles are great to maintain hair condition. They also help keep the hair clean as the bristles actually pick up dirt, environmental pollution and excess hair products removing them for the hair when brushing. They are also known to help distribute natural oils and sebum from the scalp through to the hair ends. Helping create Glossy hair. Nylon has no other function than to create more tension to the bristle pattern. Be sure to purchase nylon bristles that a finished on the tips or you may find a scratched scalp and broken hair.



Care & Maintenance:

To insure maximum performance of your brushes remove loose hair from the bristles regularly. 

They can be hand washed with a little shampoo rinsed thoroughly , pat dry with a towel  and left to air dry, with the bristles face down. store away from heat and sunlight.


Q: Can you please clarify if we would need to wet our hair before going into SALT water? (the ocean).

A: Before heading into salt water if the hair is dampened even with just tap water before hand, it decreases the salt water getting into the hair even better is applying a leave in conditioner/product specifically for salt or chlorinated water for protection prior to hitting the beach.

Q: Also is this product for 4c hair types?

A: It seems 4C type hair comprises of corkscrew coils and the MINI-G is designed with a double pinned nylon which will penetrate the hair easily and detangle gently also due to the melted tips on the nylon, plus the natural boar both BLACK and WHITE will help to distribute oils or protection products applied to hair. Remember ALWAYS detangle from the ends up, ,instead of the roots down working up the hair shaft to the root area.


September 7/2017


I received my new paddle brush today I love it and I also have the Mr. Smoothy brush and I love that as well.

Now my question, is the large Speed Brush does it have the same technology and lightness as the Mr.Smoothy?


To answer your question, the large Speed Brush is a slightly heavier , but does contain the same  Thermal Conductive Technology™. 

The bristle is the same boar BLK & WH but the nylon is a single pin and is dipped on the end. 

This combination of bristles used is an all round brush for fine to thick hair of various textures. 

MR SMOOTHY is designed for coarser unruly hair types.


NOV 26th 17

Q:What round brush size is best for me?

A A: Choosing a brush size depends on your needs, lets look at it from creating curls first.

It takes 1 full turn & 1/2 to create a full curl in the hair.

If you want MORE CURL you will need a smaller diameter brush allowing you to have more turns which will create more curls.

If you want a SMOOTHING EFFECT than you  will want a larger diameter brush so you may only need to drop the hair on the brush bristles and pull to the ends to get a smooth finish.