Has your hair brush turned into a hairy monster?




Has your hairbrush turned into a HAIRY MONSTER?

How do I know when it’s time to clean my hairbrush?

How do you recommend cleaning your hairbrushes?

Great questions, this would apply to any brush of natural boar or boar mixed with nylon and natural boar bristles both paddle and round styling brushes.   


Cleaning out any hair which may be tangled or matted in the bristles and brush. Using a tail comb slide the tail from one end to the other between the bristle rows lifting any hair embedded in the bristles. A pointed nail file will work best for denser amounts of hair it will catch and lift them out so you can then remove them more easily.


Wet the bristles with warm water and apply a hair shampoo and work it into the bristles well with your fingers along each row this will help remove any product built-up, silicones, and oils from the bristles and the brush pad. It may also help to work the bristles back to a straight position if they are bent or matted together from excessive heat when blow drying.  If the brush is extremely dirty this should be repeated if necessary.


Use a low pH conditioner, apply to the natural bristles while working the tufts up and straight (possibly using a comb) to their original shape, leave on for a couple of minutes.  This will help to straighten any bent bristles and help reduce static while blow drying. The acidity in the conditioner will tighten the bristles and help reshape them.  A HOTHEADS® hairbrush has an anti static feature part of the Thermal Conductive Technology™ which is a patented coating on the barrel of the brush.


RINSE the conditioner off well with warm water while working the natural bristles back to their straight profile. If the bristles are still slightly bent or appear burnt use the tail comb to help straighten them gently blot dry with a towel. Allow to dry completely before use. 

Your brush should now look, feel, and work like it was new again.

                              Part of your SPRING CLEANING REGIMEN