Thermal Conductive Technology® patented


This new concept is focusing on the most important part of the styling process which is the COOLING stage of styling hair.

Many of the technologies today focus on the concept of retaining HEAT and balancing the temperature on the brush barrel-head. This prevents both the brush and the hair from cooling efficiently. The results being a weaker setting.

Many brushes neglect the most important element of the styling which is the COOLING stage.

Our THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY® is patented to HEAT FAST by REFRACTING/REFLECTING HEAT back to the underside of the hair, helping to HEAT fast and dry from the inside out as well as outside in.

TCT, REFRACTING / REFLECTING HEAT allows the brush to COOL FASTER which is the only element which fortifies the setting strength and duration.

In combination with the 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® allows the hair to float on a cushion of 3 types of bristles, preventing damage encouraging to healthier hair, without the need of negative ions which have a minimal effect on drying hair and preventing damage. Make your hair look and feel young again.