More info on Bristles

More info on BRISTLES


An important factor in creating an improved experience with a brush is in the bristles, the density, curvature of the bristle rows, the tuft tip shape, staggering and the type of bristles used. Most styling brushes use 1 or 2 bristle types, but we choose 3 for their specific functions. The  3D BRISTLE PATTERN® a concept without limitations.

The number of bristle tufts and spacing are also important. HOTHEADS® Hair brushes have designed the bristles to be further apart, this means the hair can easily fall into the bristles creating instant grip/tension of the hair. When the bristles are too compact and flat the hair can not fall into the bristles reducing any grip/tension with more effort needed.

It’s a better approach to have more grip/tension which means you need less effort to lighten up allowing the hair to slide or slip through hair with ease.

The alternative is to have too little grip/tension meaning more effort is needed.

The tuft tips are designed in a reverse V shape which means each tuft can penetrate the hair section with ease.

Finally, the curvature of the rows is slightly screwed, this will give the brush the ability to handle smoothing with ease but when volume is required this configuration creates a micro texture when hair is rolled around the brush for mega volume.

The curved rows also allow the airflow to penetrate under the bristles helping to dry and COOL the sections faster

The hair floats on a cushion of bristles preventing the hair from having direct contact with the barrel of the brush helping to prevent burning and scorching from hot dryers helping prevent heat damage.