MEN: Thinning hair Grooming 101

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MEN:  Thinning hair grooming #101

Men’s grooming has come along way since the old barbering days. You are more knowledgeable on what you need to look and feel your best. New technologies provide new products for new looks. Here are some things to help you control and manage what happens to your hair, on the subject of hairbrushes which we call “brush therapy”.

Today men are coloring, highlighting and dressing their hair more than ever. We’ll look at the most important ways to maintain the health of your hair and scalp.  Focusing on what you NEED to KNOW to KEEP IT healthy.

Finding a good thinning hair product can get overwhelming but anything is better than nothing if you are losing your hair.

Thinning hair shampoos, all focus on 2 things, deep cleansing the follicles and improving the blood flow to oxygenate and feed the roots. This is a very important step if this is your concern.

Brushing nightly can be very helpful as using the right products. The best brushes are made of both a combination of nylon (flexible) and Natural Boar fibers. Brushing correctly against the direction of the hair’s growth will help lift the root allowing better blood circulation and improve the overall look and appearance, giving you more confidence, right?

At HOTHEADS® hairbrushes we have developed the 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™, which targets circulation and grooming.

 The overall brush shape of the Grooming Paddle Plus easily fits your hand allowing you more options for example, rolling the brush bristles on the scalp while brushing. Helping to create improved Micro circulation (blood flow) enhancing not only the hair’s appearance but also helping to improve the scalp, results improving hair growth. Just like a potted plant improving the soil improves the plant.

Natural Boar fibers absorb your hairs natural oils and help distribute the oils to dry ends. Natural boar has a structure, the CUTICLE which is close to the human hair structure helps to eliminate product buildup on hair and flakes on the scalp which could include both wet and dry dandruff. Due to its characteristics natural boar is gentle on the scalp and will not irritate or break your fine thinning hair.

NYLON bristles, we recommend never use sharp or stiff nylon tipped bristles as they are sharp and may cut the scalp and can cause scratching leaving the scalp vulnerable to abrasions which could result in an unhealthy scalp.

The Grooming Paddle brush has a unique design in shape to fit the hand making it easier to handle whether detangling, styling, shaping or massaging the scalp.

The oval shaped flexible cushioned pad has a higher peak which allows the bristles to easily stimulate the scalp and the 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ offers penetration, adjustable tension, gentleness and the highest shine of any bristle combination on the market today.

Comfort, ease of handling, and high performance are the hallmarks of all HOTHEADS® hair brushes.

When it comes to hairbrushes usually little research goes into this purchase but not all brushes are created equal.

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