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            Cleaning and Maintaining your BOAR BRISTLE hairbrushes.


Hairbrushes need some attention now and then as fuzzy brushes full of hair, oils, residue of styling products just don’t work well without some maintenance.


The most common problem with hairbrushes is they get piled up with hair just like your vacuum roller, and the easiest and most efficient way to remove hair is to use either a pair of scissors or a metal tail comb and from one end to the other run the scissors “sharp blade up” between the bristle rows and repeat with each row. When finished what is left can be lifted out with ease.



Boar bristles that have flattened and do not engage the hair well anymore can be reshaped.

Wet the bristles with warm water and apply a hair shampoo, using your fingers work the shampoo into the bristles working the lather from the brush base up to the ends, this will rehydrate the bristles and help them spring back to their original straight shape, as well will remove any built up of styling lotions, silicones, oils and dirt. Working your thumb and forefingers on the bristle tufts from the brush base to the ends will aid in reshaping the bristles.


A clarifying or detoxifying shampoo which you use on your hair if you have a lot of buildup you may use on your brush. If you want to condition the bristles correctly you may use a low PH shampoo for the second lathering and leave it on for a couple of minutes, when you finish working the boar tufts up and straight.

Just like hair conditioning you should use a conditioner on your boar bristle brush preferably one with a low PH 2.6 would be a good target. Low PH conditioners add body, tighten and strength natural fibers. If your bristles have been flattened severely from heat damage, you may want to use a fine-toothed comb and comb the bristles up and straight while the conditioner is on the bristles to help reset to their original shape. The Low PH conditioner also has an anti-static quality which is a good for both your hair and the brush, rinse thoroughly after 2 to 3 minutes.



Finally, gently blot the brush dry with a towel and place it so the bristles can completely dry before using.


Boar brushes can be a purchase that last for years and as we say IT’S BETTER with BOAR, better hair more shine, less frizz, and a healthier head of hair.


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