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                       SELF CARE HAIR as SUMMER winds down;

                       GOING OUT into the WORLD once AGAIN


This can be your hair’s most critical time after summer’s carefree approach due to SUN, SALT, CHLORINE, SAND and WIND as well as hair being chemically treated can leave the hair feeling SUPER DRY and LIFELESS.

Here are a few tips on rehabilitating your hair for the coming months.

Re-access your SHAMPOO if you have been using one with UV protection, chlorine, salt remover or deep cleansing which can be abrasive, it’s time to put these away. Focus on SHAMPOOS which Repair and Nourish hair.

CONDITIONERS it’s time to put away leave in ones as they only coat the hair. Look for those that both Hydrate and Strengthen internally as you probably need both.

If you like a weekly treatment, try an INTENSIVE TREATMENT MASQUE as they usually have ingredients in higher concentrations than a daily and the benefits last longer.

Getting back to school and work will also mean taking out the BLOW-DRYER and STYLING TOOLS once again.

Do be aware of the state of your HAIR-DRYER. Is the cord damaged, is it twisted, look for a swelling along the cord particularly near the handle of your dryer, this is Dangerous. Check the Filter it should be lint free, or it will damage your dryer and your hair.

When is HOT TOO HOT? If your dryer stops when drying your hair, it may be time to replace it.

When blow drying don’t forget to apply a heat protector. They are available in various forms lotions, sprays, and oils for different hair types.

NOW let’s look at your HAIRBRUSHES has your style changed, are your brushes suitable for your present hair style?

It is also IMPORTANT to inspect your hairbrushes for broken or missing bristles. If the bristles are burned your NEED to look at a new hairbrush.

Just think, if the bristles of the brush are burnt, what is it doing to your hair!

If the bristles are bent or sharp, they will cause breakage. If your hair is chemically treated and fragile stay away for brushes with metal bristles and barrels. When adding heat to these brushes they will get extremely hot and will result in breakage both structural and internal, for example bubbling in the roots and throughout the hair shaft.

We at HOTHEADS® Hairbrushes believe NATURAL BOAR Bristles in combination with nylon bristles are best in PREVENTING DAMAGE to your hair.


HOTHEADS® Hairbrushes are designed to REDUCE DRYING TIME by CHANNELING the AIR Flow of the dryer and focusing it over the brush. This is achieved by CAPTIVE ENDS® or Concentrators giving the brush the ability to speed up drying time.

How do we PREVENT HEAT DAMAGE? Our  3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ allows the hair to sit on a cushion of bristles, PREVENTING direct contact with the HOT surface of a brush barrel as well as allowing the air to flow under the hair speeding up drying time.

Our THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™ patented and tested to MODERATE HEAT, preventing heat damage and HOT SPOTS. This technology has the ability to COOL 30% faster reducing your drying time and heat damage to your hair.



Styled by ENZO @ ALLEGRO Toronto 

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