SMOOTHEST, STRONGEST, HEALTHIEST HAIR                                                 



“She couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to use a STRAIGHT IRON, all just BRUSH WORK.”

Frazer V 

After seeing the results, you might think it’s a STRAIGHTENING IRON but without the BURN and DAMAGE.

The two methods for drying hair are WET to DRY and HOT to COLD here we’ll discuss both.

 WET to DRY (roller sets) which will take far too long but are the strongest of all setting techniques, why WET hair stretches 50% of it’s length more stretch gives hair a stronger set.

HOT to COLD when using a HOT IRON on dry hair, faster but is a weaker setting method as DRY HAIR only stretches 20% of it’s length.

 COMBINING these two methods as in blow-drying gives you, SPEED, EASE of use and STRONGER SETS which people ask for today.

Pre-drying the hair 60 to 80% dry depending on the hair type is optimal and smart way to begin.

Now for the BRUSH The ENFORCER / Mr. SMOOTHY is the brush of choice.

Most styling brushes will DEFLECT the HEAT/AIR in all directions once HEAT/AIR have contact with a typical round brush wrapped with hair.

The ENFORCER / Mr. SMOOTHY is designed to CAPTURE the HEAT on the hair between the CAPTIVE ENDS® and COMPRESSES the AIR FLOW at the same time while preventing frizz by forcing HEAT/AIR in the same direction. This brush design is the MOST EFFICIENT for SMOOTHING, FAST, EASY, and with REDUCED DAMAGE. This concept requires less heat to smoothen and will help to prevent burning and scorching.

The ENFORCER / Mr. SMOOTHY has another unique concept it’s  3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ which contains 3 types of bristles designed with 3 major functions.

The DOUBLE PINNED NYLON is V shaped which allows for better tension while smoothing a section and has soft DOMED TIPS having 2 functions first to be gentle on the scalp (no scratching) and controlling the short fine hairs, preventing them from getting frizzy.

The NATURAL BLACK BOAR is resilient and offers an easy control to adjust grip/tension while smoothing each section.

The NATURAL WHITE BOAR has a SOFTER TEXTURE and TOUCH, helping to polish the hair’s surface of each strand for EXTRA SHINE.

The  3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ allows the hair to sit on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact from a HOT BARREL preventing heat damage and allows both the AIR and HEAT to dry from above and below SPEEDING UP your DRYING TIME.

You’ll find your hair Healthier, Smoother move livelier instead of dead like a helmet and you will enjoy smoothness and shiny happy hair.

After seeing the results, you might agree it’s a STRAIGHTENING IRON but without excess heat and DAMAGE.

Remember you need a LIGHTER TOUCH with this brush. 



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