EXTREME temperatures COLD or HOT and how they affect my hair? Nov 2022

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EXTREME temperatures COLD or HOT and how they affect my hair?

 WINTER and SUMMER hair care: similar problem’s different conditions.


WINTER CLIMATE OUTSIDE  COLD and DRY temperature drops.

WINTER CLIMATE INSIDE        HOT and DRY the heat is on.      

SUMMER CLIMATE OUTSIDE  HOT and HUMID  temperature rises.

SUMMER CLIMATE INSIDE    COLD and DRY Air conditioned.


Now if your confused here is some advice to healthier eye-catching hair year-round.

The ENVIRONMENT CHANGES and so does the condition and needs of your hair.

Colder weather will have you using your hair dryer more often. This can result in static, dryness, and difficulty in styling. Keeping your hair hydrated both inside (internally) and on the surface layer is important.

Using a product with ANTI HUMIDITY properties in the winter may sound strange, but it helps resist dehydration of the hair internally. Usually, your hair looks good for about an hour after drying and then it droops that's the sign of dehydration. So, using this type of product will enhance shine, reduce static, improve overall styling manageability giving you voluminous, bouncy longer lasting results when styling.

Its also time to review the shampoo and conditioner you are using. A gentler shampoo with hydrating properties works well on finer hair as it will not add weight or make the hair limp. If you have drier, coarser hair a shampoo with moisturizing properties will make the hair more manageable, less flyaway and dull.

Conditioning, put away those leave-in conditioners as they are only surface acting and do not hydrate enough when dealing with static and flyaway hair. Conditioner labels should state hydrating for FINE hair as these conditioners have less weight leaving your hair with body and volume. Look for those with a lower pH as they help eliminate static and tighten the cuticle which prevents moisture loss. This is also ideal for those with fine soft curls.

Those with thicker drier hair should consider conditioners that state Moisturizing with oils like jojoba, argan, coconut to name a few, which will give you that extra needed moisture and suppleness. When you correctly moisturize your hair, it should feel soft, flexible and appear shiny. Textured thicker hair will also benefit from these moisturizing conditioners. One thing to be aware of some products build up and may reduce the effectiveness of both shampoos and conditioners, in this case using a deep cleansing shampoo may be occasionally necessary.

A bi-weekly treatment works for both summer and winter. Fine lifeless hair when you’re dealing with dehydration or heat damage a re-constructor works extremely well. This will have both hydrating and strengthening properties adding body and volume, for those with finer hair you’ll love this. The same applies for fine textured hair.

Thicker drier coarser hair will benefit from a treatment high in moisturizing properties to achieve softening, flexibility, and shine. Those with thicker textured curly hair can follow this course of action as well.

Hair brushes the most under rated tool in your daily hair régime. Think of it, natural boar bristles will help to reduce static as they absorb and then distribute natural oils throughout the hair length. There is less breakage with a natural bristles plus they are not scratchy on the scalp.

Heat resistant bristles how do they prevent heat damage to the hair?  Some brushes have heat resistant bristles up to 500 degrees F. but, temperatures over 300 F lead to weaker hair that looses it’s elasticity resulting in severe damage to the structure of your hair and scalp. Bottom line you have a great looking hair brush but matted heat damaged hair.

HOTHEADS® hair brushes with their  3D BRISTLE PATTERN® in combination with our patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ moderates heat and hot spots from the hair dryer to create the optimal conditions for blow drying while cooling 30% faster.

Why not have great looking hair all year round.  


                                     WHEN YOUR HAIR MATTERS™







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